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DriBlade 2

DriBlade 2

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Meet DriBlade 2

Meet DriBlade 2

Get a smoother shaving experience. YOUR razor dry, clean and fresh before every shave. Start your day off smooth with DriBlade 2!

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Dry Blades are Happy Blades

Dry Blades are Happy Blades

It's proven that a razor kept dry provides better shaves. DriBlade keeps your favorite razor dry with fiber board technology providing you with smoother shaves and longer lasting blades.

DriBlade Indiegogo Campaign
Your razor, only better

Your razor, only better

For top performance, maintenance is key. DriBlade keeps today's advanced multi-razor systems performing their best everyday.

Help us bring DriBlade 2 to market!

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  • Buy fewer razors

    Your razor will last at least 3x longer.

  • Smoother Shaves

    Less nicks and cuts by inhibiting razor corrosion.

  • Renewable DriBoard

    The DriBoard is microwave renewable.


Why keep your razor dry?

Two words - Razor Rust. Leaving your razor to air dry does more harm than good. It's like leaving your favorite tool outside to rust. After each shave, the fine wet blades mix with the air and start to oxidize immediately. The results are chipped and jagged blades that provide irritating shaves with nicks and cuts.

How does DriBlade work?

The heart of DriBlade 2 is the newly developed custom DriBoard. The DriBoard continuosly wicks any moisture around the cartridge blades after each shave keeping them dry, sharp and fresh before your next shave.

Do I have to buy new DriBoards?

NO. After the DriBoard becomes full and the freshness indicator fades from brown to yellow, simply microwave on low for about 1 minute. After 2 minutes, repeat once more and place back within the DriBlade tray.

The Original

The Original

The original DriBlade offers the same benefits as DriBlade 2, but in a convenient case. Available on Amazon.

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