Razor Oxidation (or Razor Rust)

Air drying clothes, dishes, shoes and your hair is a good thing. Nothing bad can happen when drying types of items. So why is it bad to air dry your favorite shaving razor. We all do it. For some reason it feels right. Just leave it on the sink counter or hang it up on a razor holder and just let it air dry. But this is the worst thing we can do. So why is this practice that we have been doing for the past 100 years so counter-productive? Because they are metal and when metal becomes wet they oxidize or rust. The metal blades on your Gillette or Harry's cartridge razor are not stainless steel. They are actually very susceptible to oxidation for two very main reasons. As we all know, razor company's have been pushing the envelope with how many blades they can install on a cartridge head. The more blades on a cartridge, the finer the blades they have become. The finer or thinner a blade is, the more prone it is to rusting, chipping and flaking. The other reason is proximity. Because multiple razors are packed on to a small cartridge head, the proximity between the blades are very small and decreases with each new multi-blade design. The reason this promotes oxidation is because the blades trap water more easily in between each making it a perfect storm for the oxidation process. 

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