What is DriBlade?

DriBlade is an innovative razor case designed to dry, protect and extend the life of men’s premium shaving razors.


Why would I want to keep my razor dry?

The blades of all shaving razors are metal. Simply put, metal rusts. After each shave, the moisture left behind on the blades mixes with the air and they start to oxidize or micro-rust very quickly. The thin blades begin to chip and flake that cause irritating shaves and unsanitary razors.


How does DriBlade work?

After each shave, simply shake off the excess water on your razor and place within the DriBlade Case. The DriBiz DriPacket, containing high grade silica gel, wicks and locks away the remaining moisture left on the blade preventing oxidation or micro-rust.


What are the benefits of using DriBlade?

Since the oxidation process and any bacterial growth are inhibited on your razor, the benefits include longer lasting razors, less irritation and a sanitary razor.


How long do the DriBiz or DB DriPackets last?

Each DB DriPacket should last between two and four months. The built-in color indicator located on the back of the case notifies you when to replace or recharge the DB DriPacket to ensure your razor is always dry.


How do you recharge the DB DriPacket?

If you wish to recharge your DB DriPacket, simply place the packet on a ceramic plate. Place within microwave and set time for 2 minutes on medium or 50% power. Remove plate and packet (Warning – plate and packet will be very HOT) from microwave and let cool for 20 minutes. Repeat once more. Place DB DriPacket back in DriBlade Case. Color indicator should return to Blue after 15 minutes.



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